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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Skill tweaks (update)

Hi there!

I received a suggestion to make at least one of the skill tweaks on the premium tab free. That was your weapons always returning (Boomerang). The reason was to prevent people from stealing your stuff in online games, and I thought it was a good reason. :)

If you think this looks alright, I'll go with this design and keep adding things both here and on the premium tab.. Perhaps keep two sections here instead to keep them in the same place.

In the next version, I'll also raise the max skill points limit a bit instead of only letting you go up to 1 or 3 (original limits). That means you can tweak some your skills to get the similar effects as the premium tweaks (but not all of them).

I hope you like the idea and also the Premium / Donator's Editon idea. :)

I moved all of the skill tweaks over to the Skills tab. I think it's a lot more natural this way. :)


  1. Hey I had a thought yesterday you told me that the reason for the guns front half falling off was the mod, what if you could make the game think the gun wasn't modded so that it just gave it the effects of the mod? Is that possible? Cuz sticky bomb mod on crowd pleaser is awesome it just makes the front end fall off :(

    1. Unfortunately, there isn't really much one can do with the actual weapons in the save. You could maybe enhance some effects using skill points but of course, it doesn't really give any new effects like those mods do. It really sounds like a problem with the game that can't be fixed without modding internal files. :(

      However, if you tell me the exact things I need to recreate the bugged weapons, I would like to look at it. You're also free to share your save with me by e-mail. :)