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Friday, May 18, 2012

Release: DISE

  • Prepared for new features in the Premium tab. They have no function yet.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the attributes value for newly added items was wrong.
  • Fixed some minor issues with a few skill descriptions.
  • Added link to Dead Island Wiki in the about dialog.
Assets package (extra icons)

SHA1: 3af2f74fd04885829781abdfd19eb8755d980836
MD5: 4f4bf13c57b230fddb4fe34fc37209b0


  1. I have modded some guns on my game save and when I use them the front half of the gun is completely gone. Throwing down rifles seems to temporarily fix them but my crowd pleaser is stuck halfway cut off. Any ideas on what I can do?

    1. Hello! Maybe the combination is unknown to the game, thus causing some strange behavior?

    2. Oh you mean like the mod I put on them? Cuz I did put the sticky bomb mod on them

    3. Yup! If other mods work fine, I think the game is having issues with that combination. Not sure if anything can be done without modding the game's internal files.

    4. Awww dang do you know of any combo that works without messing the aesthetics up and gives a one shot kill?

    5. Whoops, I replied to the e-mail notification instead of here.

      Sorry, can't say I do. I've raised the skill point limits in DISE a bit, so you can see if that and setting the weapon's attributes value to 484 (and lower the req. level as needed) does any good for you. :) I think that the developer crafts have good effects but I haven't really tested those a lot.