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Monday, May 14, 2012

Preview of the next version of DISE

Here are the promised screen shots.

New tab icons. I designed these myself, so it's legal to embed them within DISE. They can be improved, though.

Change the chapter, map, location, spawn point and active quest. Still, pretty basic, though.

More items you can add to your inventory, add custom items by name, make weapons unbreakable, unlock the quick slot for Fists, rareness is in color (can show as text as well).


Your fists are locked by default to prevent you from deleting them accidentally. Rareness can be shown by color, text or both.

Click numbers to edit directly.

Right-click skills and copy the skill points to other skills!

The processes of syncing with Steam Cloud. DISE finishes more quickly, and Steam takes care of the rest.
My own icons for use in DISE.


  1. Wow!!! When will this version appear for everyone?

    1. Thank you! :) There are a few issues left and I need to re-implement installing the updates. Need to get my head around 3rd party setup programs/installers as well. If you would like me to keep you updated, you're free to send me an e-mail:

  2. Ren : seriously you're the best

  3. I can't wait anymore XD I saw screens)

  4. Thanks, both of you! :D

    Actually, most of the things I have been working on works. Only updating is the major blocker. It checks for updates as it should and should show updates as well (but won't install the update). It will be possible to manually download updates (from DISE), even if I released DISE before auto-installing updates is finished.

    I received an offer from someone to translate DISE, so I'm also looking at making DISE multilingual! :D