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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Source code: Reading DI Voices&Texts.bin (update)

To make DISE properly support multiple languages, I need to redesign how texts from the game are stored and read. Right now, I've extracted texts via scripts I wrote, and embedded the texts in DISE.

The idea is to simply get text from DI Voices&Texts.bin because there's one for each language supported by the game.

I wrote some code yesterday/today for loading this file and getting text from it (in C++). This code isn't meant to be feature-complete, and isn't even fully documented.

Nothing much to share. The file format is extremely simple, so there's no magic here. :)

Full code after the break below. :)

I've changed the code a bit according to my needs. The .bin file should now be compressed with GZip. Depends on the Boost library.

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