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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Release: DISE (for testing)

This post will be short, without a feature list. I decided to release this build because it should be stable enough for testing, and syncing should work. You will not receive an update notification in alpha 55, and this test build will not receive updates either right now.

Please note that this is the current work, freshly baked, and things will look a bit off and things will be missing.

I don't plan for things to not work however, so please send bug reports like usually. :)

PS: You can see that I changed the representation of the version string, and I will keep it that way instead of calling it "alpha 55.13", etc. :)

Donator's Edition / Restricted features
Fear not, DISE is still free. All features that were in DISE (and more) are still free. All future features that are not easy to abuse in online games will also be free.

In this release, I am playing a bit with licensing. I'm not doing this just to earn money, nor do I plan to leave out the "good stuff" in the free version. This is partly to avoid abuse in online games while giving modders total freedom, and partly because I have already spent quite a bit of time and money on developing DISE. You should know, I spend more time working on DISE than playing games for fun. :)

Current restricted features:
  • Infinite health and stamina works, but with side effects (not able to kick, and rage mode does not work).
  • You will be able to exceed the skill point limits and go all the way up to 32767 instead of only 1-3 (but it may have the opposite effect).
  • You can add collectible items (blueprints, ID cards, news, tapes) to your inventory as drop-able items (you can still add them as before, from their own tab). These can be dropped and picked up as if you found them.
Make sure to grab the Assets package for DISE!

Assets package (extra icons)

Hashes for paranoid users
SHA1: 7726c6419ad12f06dc34dcd53bde396bbc591b6d
MD5: d4441dc170e8c6842fb0fb54c98aa369


  1. how do you unlock prenium

    1. Please see this post:


  2. thisisblackwell19 May, 2012 18:51

    Hey I'm having a problem the game save gets changed to 64 kb after I edit it and I can't seem to get it down anyway it's fine before I edit it and then afterwards its 64 kb even when I dump my inventory it doesn't change a bit what other files are being affected by this editor?

    1. Hey there! I hope you're using v0.0.55.15 but that shouldn't be the problem. The file size seems to increase if you're using Horizon. If you use Modio, it decreases (if I don't recall wrong). No other files are changed for saves. Just make sure you rehash/resign the file with Horizon/Modio. If you wish, I can give it a try on my own console as well. :)

  3. Thisisblackwell19 May, 2012 18:59

    I'll try mosul but thanks :)

    1. Okay. If I may ask, what is mosul? :D

    2. Thisisblackwell19 May, 2012 19:36

      sorry lol I meant modio stupid autocorrect :P but good news I used modio and you're right it actually did the reverse of what horizon did now Im having no problems whatsoever thank you :)

    3. Thisisblackwell19 May, 2012 19:38

      Oh and by the way I am using DISE works great good Job :)

    4. Oh, that's good! I'm glad it worked out. :D
      I don't know why but I know that when one of those programs didn't work, the other did.
      Thank you for the compliment as well!! :D
      If you have any more/other troubles, please let me know. :D