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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Release: DISE

I posted this right before going to bed. After waking up, I saw that my post was gone. Turns out that I had the post editor open in two different tabs, and both saved automatically. I published the finished post, and the other tab saved over it . :(

I may not be able to rewrite everything, but here's my attempt at it. :)

This release may be a little more prone to crashing because of the mentioned optimization. If you find crashes, please send the bug report and I'll personally take care of the one responsible. There is only one it could be...
... It's probably fine.

  • About dialog:
    • Changed the link to Open Steamworks.
    • Added link to Dead Island Wiki and renamed the previous link to Dead Island @ Wikia.
    • Replaced the image to make more space for credits.
  • Added Max/Reset in the context menu for individual skills. Just right-click them. :)
  • Fixed a bug from a while back, where the program would crash when loading a game-save with Ryder, closing it, then loading one for a different character (or the other way around).
  • Attributes value does not include the required level and color/rareness anymore. You're less likely to create items where damage, force, etc, is 0.
  • Increased items' max required level to 127. Anything more than 60 will however not work in-game (by default).
  • Added an inventory list picker. It replaces the message box telling you to click inside the list you want to add items into.
  • Added more icons (which I made myself, and I know they are not super great).
  • Set theme on some list controls for a more native look on Windows Vista/7.
  • Optimized startup time. Tab pages are loaded the first time you view them. Especially this needs testing!
  • Minor fixes.
  • Fixed crash when trying to import the wrong type of file.
  • Added skill tweak: Boost weapon damage.
  • Anything else I forgot. Sorry.

MD5: 34dfb8e8f6b23b7c1161d6050c0b2768
SHA1: d015e9dbff989b97aec876945a8e4755bb20d6c7

Assets package (maps and extra icons)


  1. New feature 'Optimized startup time. Tab pages are loaded the first time you view them. Especially this needs testing!' works great, ran before and the improvement is very noticeable.

    1. I'm glad to know that. :D Thank you! :D