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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Application icon for DISE

I guess it was about time I made an icon for DISE. This is what I have so far, and I plan to use it for DISE. :)
What do you think?

Another sample. I think it can be improved. Trying to make something that will look alright as a 16x16 icon (and favicon).

Update 2:


  1. Beautiful, I really like it. you should add it with a link back to the homepage.

  2. Thank you!:) Do you suggest using it on the About dialog box, or did you mean something else?

  3. Similar to a wiki, if possible, in the top left on every page.

    It would serve as an icon, page identification, and easy link back to homepage for users.

  4. correction:

    It would serve as an icon, SITE identification, and easy link back to homepage for users.

  5. I really like the idea and look, can't wait to see it as a icon. By the way, glad you finally got the errors taking care of, i now get to use a recent version... woohoo. -darkfatal1ty-

  6. t:
    Okay, got it! :D
    I was thinking about using it as a "favicon" (instead of the "B" or Blogger. I'll give your suggestion a try! :)

    Thank you! It wasn't that much work with the icon, actually. Fansite kit + Photoshop and there you go. I am very glad we sorted out the crashing. You were very patient with testing my builds! Thank you! :D

  7. It would be possible. I also got the idea to have a kind of cloud storage feature within DISE, where you can keep your backups and/or upload/share them. Just thinking it would be cool. It would however be a pretty big feature, so it would take some time. Then there's also the cost for hosting all of the files. I don't think anyone would be willing to pay for such a feature, so I am not sure how to not end up paying for everything by myself. Maybe creating everything from scratch isn't a good idea, but integrate with something else.. DropBox or something. Just thinking out loud here. Maybe just something simple and web-based would be good enough.

  8. Hey Steffen, glad to help you out in figuring it out with the errors. As for a hosting site, its still completely up to you how you want to do it but i do have to recommend DropBox, another site you could take a look at is SugarSync, i am signed up to both of them and i can tell you that they can come in very handy.

    P.S. If you need any more help on testing, I'm usually always on, so hit me up if you ever need to. :P


  9. Thanks for offer, and for suggesting SugarSync! :D

  10. See:

    About the problems with all the file sharing sites. I like dropbox the best but have gotten this message three times:

    temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic

    "Links that use up more than 10GB/day for Basic (free) accounts ...are automatically suspended."

    Its all in that post. Also a big problem with dropbox is when some idiot changes the name, it breaks the link.

    If these files are small, the dropbox excessive traffic problem will never be an issue.

    I could host it. Could even have them upload the files to, at least temporarily until something else is set up. I would have enable the site to take those files.

    They would still be free to share immedaitely, with no expiration.

  11. Thanks for those links! Very unfortunate about those issues. :(
    Please don't worry about it. If I have to, I'll host them. :D

  12. Can we start asking for game files now? Set up a temporary place for them? wherever that maybe?

    Just a thought. thanks.

  13. I'm sorry. Could you please elaborate for me? What kind of game files? Thanks! :)

  14. sav files sorry I was not clear!

    I subscribed to these threads, so I can keep up.

  15. Okay, got it. :) I can't do anything about that right now, but I can setup an FTP account for temporary use. Is that?