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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Release: Alpha 34

Note: This release is not heavily tested, so it's okay to send me hate mail. I really like happy mails best, though. :D

Edit: I forgot to embed the font DISE uses on the Skills tab. I'll fix it in the next release!

For now, I thought about implementing something very basic for adding skills and such. I ended up putting some extra efforts into it, so it's a little less basic than I planned. Still needs some optimizing and other improvements, though. :)

As always, please report any nasty critters! :D

What's new
  • Edit your skill trees. Add/Reset individual/all skill trees. Whether it works or not, you can also give one character's skills to to a different character.
  • Changing character: Instead of forcing resetting skills, only suggests doing it.
  • Changed item color from "Purple" to "Violet". I thought I changed it but I forgot to change the actual text. :S I'll fix it in the next release!
Supports skill icons, but the icon pack will be available separately a little later. :)

I don't know if most of these even work. Either way, you could pretend that in this mess lies the key to surpassing yourself and evolving into an ugly, raging mutant who is practically invincible. Mankind is not worried about petty zombies anymore. :(



  1. This is awesome! Now I can finally have all skills unlocked when no one else does haha

    Thanks so much! Also do you agree that such things even if uncommon for the game can't get you vac banned since it's only a save file even if it looks like you are modding the "exe". Am I right?

  2. Thank you! :D I agree, unless it is actually possible to play online with the things you are not supposed to have. :S But even then, I have no idea. :)