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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Release: Alpha 38

I have been quiet lately, but I did go back to work again, and I give you a better DISE now. :)

However, I really wish I could have included all the features I planned for this release. Those will have to wait until I (or someone) figure(s) out how to properly read the quest progress data.

What's new
  • Detects Xbox 360 content package file (which contains your actual game-save) and tells you what to do about it instead of saying that the file is unsupported. This is temporary until DISE supports these packages. :)
  • Improved support for Xbox 360 game-saves. Hopefully, they will not get corrupted anymore.
  • Export/Convert game-save to different formats (experimental): (depends on reading the quest progress correctly)
    • PC (load this in-game)
    • PC (raw/uncompressed)
    • Xbox 360 (inject this into content package)
    • Xbox 360 (raw/uncompressed)
  • Optimized skill trees. Switching character is quite a bit faster.
  • Optimized app startup a bit (a little faster).
  • Fixed Xbox 360 game-saves being repaired using data from a PC game-save.
  • Save item order (inventory). Right-click a list and save the order. * Please read more below.
  • Minor fixes and optimizations.
"More below" :)
Save item order (inventory)
Items are normally ordered in-game by the time you picked them up. You can now sort them in DISE, then save the order, but there are some catches:
  • New items you pick up in-game will be in the order you pick them up.
  • The items can't be sorted completely in-game (even if they can in DISE). This is because items are stored in separate lists in the game-save file. There are 4 lists (quick slots, storage, etc). It means that the next time you open the same game-save in DISE, the items will still be sorted, but grouped together by those lists. DISE combines all lists into one (except for storage) so that you don't have to operate with different lists. If you sorted from A-Z, items may appear from A-Z 3 times in your inventory (3 lists). I hope I explained it alright.
  • Weapons assigned to quick slots will not be sorted in-game. The game depends on the actual order in the file, so changing that would mess up your quick slots.


  1. Hello Steffen,

    Not sure if you're aware this is still an issue, and it's not a big deal, but the update still fails with a file integrity error.

    It's not a big deal as I stated, I can just download it instead, but I thought you should know.

    Thanks for all your work.

  2. Sorry. I didn't know that problem was still present. I'll see if I can run some tests against my web server and/or sort it out somehow. :(
    Thanks for letting me know!

  3. a) this crashes on me whenever I attempt to load a file. I am running Windows 7 / x64.

    b) Some of your dialogs (like Prefs and Sync now) cut off some of the text in them, making them unreadable. I've seen this before and think it has something to do with screen resolution and may be particular to windows 7. In any case, if you had the window set as resizable this would be easy to work around. However, the dialog is not resizable.

  4. ericjs:
    a) Does it happen in earlier versions (alpha 37)? If not, could you please e-mail me your game-save?
    b) That sounds a bit strange. I'm also using Win7/x64. Could you please e-mail me a screen shot?

    Thank you!

  5. Hehehe... Okay, Anonymous & Co... Here's the thing with the latest update failing all the time... I had managed to swap the MD5 hash in the database, so the update would always fail. I am really sorry! However, before I realized this, I also managed to improve the update download process in DISE, to attempt fixing this issue... Well, that was embarrassing.