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Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is what's up lately

Geeks needs some rest, too!
Not my cat, by the way.
You probably noticed that I haven't released a new version of DISE for a little more than a few days?

I made some improvements for the next version already, and I realized that I had to read the whole game-save file in order to implement a feature that I had already pretty much completed.

That's when I started working on understanding the quest progress data which I mentioned before, and after countless hours with hard work, I was still unable to figure it out, exactly.

I usually never give up, and... Well, I'll admit that I forgot to take care of myself, and realized that I needed a break from everything.

I'll be fine soon, and so will DISE (with or without quest-related features and other planned things). :)


  1. Yes, don't let yourself burn out.

    When you're ready to get back into this, I think the missing text for inventory items is probably in the "DI Voices&Texts.bin" binary file. Looks like:
    length of string name (16-bit)
    string name
    length of string value (16-bit)
    string value (Unicode?)
    That file was probably generated from the .scr files and they didn't include the .scr file for the new text added by the last patch or something.

  2. Hey, I appreciate it. :) thanks! I'll have a look in that file. (*´▽`*)

  3. Sorry, seems like it's not in there after all. :( I forgot that I did a search on the game data before, and it appears like the missing texts are simply not in the game. :S
    For example, the zzz_Firearm_M72 will be shown as zzz_firearm_m72_n (or similar) in-game. :S

  4. That keyboard looks warm and comfy *pushes cat off and goes and sleeps on it*

  5. Does the M72 actually appear in-game (without adding it through editing)? The Exotic Brass Knuckles are definitely in that file. Maybe the other "missing text" items only have text in the DLC.

  6. It appears in-game as zzz_firearm_m72_n or something similar, so it does not have text in-game either. Maybe it's a weapon used by some AI and you're not supposed to have it.

  7. Oh, and if I don't recall wrong, the zzz_* weapons were added in the same patch as the new blueprints and such.

  8. The cat looks adorable.

    Just make sure you look before you close the laptop. :)

  9. Cats have plenty of lives, but yeah, that's a good idea! :D