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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-alpha-43 test (update: new package)

Please don't comment on my blog if you experience the same crash(es) in this release, because I'll either ask you to e-mail me or ignore the comment. You can however comment if it works fine, and if your issue hasn't been commented on already (include the version of DISE (mpress, upx ultrabrute, upx or uncompressed), and where/when it crashed so that we know). d-(^_^)o

After trying all 4 versions of DISE and you still have the same crash(es):
  • Please e-mail me, and
  • include where/when it crashes (exact steps to reproduce, if possible),
  • and which operating system you have (Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc).
I ask you to e-mail me so that I can ask for more specific information if needed. I won't send spam, and as far as I know, I don't have any viruses that snatches your e-mail address to send you spam. I won't sell your address either. I hope that will make it easier for people to e-mail me and not continue posting on my blog after I ask them to e-mail me. :)

The test
Since some people are experiencing a strange crash, I imagine a few possible reasons:
  • Issue was introduced after upgrading wxWidgets (C++ framework). Maybe bug or change in behavior, and I need to update my code.
  • The EXE packer/compressor (UPX). It's like zip/rar/etc, just specifically made for EXE/DLL/etc.
As an attempt to rule out the packer, I have included 4 versions of DISE:
  • Uncompressed/Untouched
  • UPX (highest compression)
  • UPX (highest compression and "ultra-brute")
Don't be alarmed if your anti-virus software complains about any of these.

Download (new package)

Thank you for helping me help you. :)


  1. All 4 versions (Alpha43) work fine without crashing and Alpha 42 didn't crash after loading save file if i tried drag&drop...
    Btw I would have emailed you before and now but I don't have an email prgm so your above right link doesn't work for me... but I'll be glad to email you if you can just put that information out there to be found ;)

  2. Thank you! :) In that case, you can find my e-mail address if you right-click on the link/icon and open it in a new tab, and my e-mail is also inside DISE (Help>About). However, I will make it easier! :) Maybe more e-mails starts rolling in! :D