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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painting test :)

I am just testing the map feature and painting on it within DISE. Doesn't look perfect yet but it's coming along! :) Actually, after testing a bit more, I'm not entirely convinced that DISE does it wrong after all. Here's why:
  1. Paint in DISE, then save.
  2. Restart DISE, then reload the game-save. Looks good! Just as I saved it.
  3. Load it in-game, then quit the game (which saves it).
  4. Load it in DISE. Looks just like it was in-game (with the errors).
The game was probably never meant to display explored areas like this, but I am slightly disappointed. :)


  1. wow! that is incredible.

  2. nice job on the icon in the letterhead!

  3. I downloaded hex workshop, as this is the same hex editor that you are using, why is the text so garbled and yours is not?

    will look online for answer too.

  4. this screenshot actually has readable text:

    in this post

    my save_0 file (screenshot link above) does not.

  5. Thank you! :D
    That's the hex editor I use, yes! The .sav file is compressed with GZip so you should be okay once you unpack it (use WinRAR, 7z, etc).

  6. oh you have to uncompress it! wow. so easy! thank you.

  7. THANK YOU it worked.

    Have can you tell if a file needs to be opened with gzip, or is a gzip file? Many of the larger files are also a mess in data1.pack/maps maybe they are compressed also? Have you seen any other files in dead island that are compressed.

    you seem pretty independent, but maybe you can consider adding chatango to you site? It would be very nice to have a way to communicate with other people immediately.

    We have a chat box on our wiki:

    The coding is here if you would like to integrate our chatanago into this page:

    best to integrate, but you can also add your own.

  8. files that are scrambled:



    After being extracted, it still is scrambled:

    thank you!

  9. Haha. I'm glad! :) I do/have done pretty much everything on my own, yes. :)

    May be a good idea to put up a chat widget here, yes!

    GZipped files have a field at the end of the file which describes the unpacked file size. In DISE, I used this field after trying to unpack the .sav files, to see if the unpacked size matches (to know if the data is valid or not).

    If you just want to try, I would use 7Zip to try and open the archive. If it fails, it probably isn't compressed (at least not with a common format). :)

  10. Oh yes, and the file you showed me does not look compressed to me. :)

  11. It's different from a script file with human-readable text. This file is not meant to be viewed by people, but efficiently read directly by the game. :)

  12. thank you. very fast reply.

    RE: It's different from a script file with human-readable text. This file is not meant to be viewed by people, but efficiently read directly by the game. :)

    Ouch. Sad because there were no files like that in dead rising 2 except the main .exe file.

    you probably don't know, but so how in the world can i find out were items and survivors zombies are placed in the game, and add my own?

    Would I be able to use the same codes for the bolo stick for example, then search these files for the same code? Or different types of files, different code?

    I will search google too.

    Sorry for grammar, once posted I can't correct what i already wrote.

  13. correction/clarification:

    for example would I be able to use the same codes found in the sav files for the bolo stick, then search these large files for the same code?

    It probably works if there are different types of files there is different types of code?

  14. Not quite sure but I could have a look. :)

  15. well thank you

    happy new years :)

    If you would like, give me a code for wire, for example, and I can look in the files.

  16. The codes (attributes, if you mean those) are generated using multiple values for storing in the game-save file (and compressed, in a way). I would say it's 99.9999% certain that it's not stored in that format in any other file for the game. If that's not what you meant, could you please clarify? Thanks! :)

  17. regarding your response. Yes, that is what I meant. :/

    To explain what i am ultimately after, here is what I posted in late october, the programmer suggested the sobj files:

    (I just found this post on google--got excited by the title, and was surprised I wrote it. I forgot all about it!)

    See we are trying to categorize where every item is in the game. we have gotten far, for example, metal chests for resort: but the only way to ever have a complete list is with modding!

    I thought with your expertise of the game files, it maybe beneficial to ask you!

  18. I've had a peek at this. For example, there's an NPC called Jeannine right at the start of chapter 1. Searching for "Jeannine" in the act1a map, it gives reults in the .exp file. :)

  19. This file seems to describe locations for sounds, props, collectible locations, characters, etc.. :)

  20. Then again, the .sobj file also has interesting info (maybe positions are stored here instead).
    At least those two files look the most interesting to me now.

  21. .exp files! cool I will look at them now.

    here is all the unscrambled contents of sobj. in act1a most of the file is scrambled:

    .sobj holds environment meshes, and it appears like nothing else.

    The progress you are making on this app is nothing short of incredible. So awesome!

  22. Great! I would look at the .exp files myself if I had more time, or a few robots to take over the coding. Haha.

    Also, thank you! :D I'm pretty happy as we speak, since I managed to improve performance for the visual map. :D