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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Release: Alpha 35

Things can't always go right the first time! This fixes some mistakes I did in the last release. :)

What's new
  • Changed item color from "Purple" to "Violet". I can't always tell the difference easily between some colors, but an internal file in the game does mention "violet" in this context, instead of "purple". :)
  • Embedded the font I use on the Skills tab, so that the skill trees will be displayed like in the screenshot.


  1. I wonder why DISE is still named 'Alpha'.
    It's running fine with only few small issues.
    Time to evolve to BETA!

  2. One can start wondering, indeed! However, I still feel like there's much to improve and add to DISE. :D
    Oh yes, and I would love to know about the small issues you speak of. Thank you :D

  3. Just geeky great @o@

  4. any one notice your cash reverts to $0 and stays there while in game ?

  5. any one notice your cash reverts to $0 and stays there while in game ? after using DISE,,,i ony added a fire arm and boosted my cash to 90000 just to get started. if any one has a fix for this

  6. "Changing skills for this character is not supported yet. Sorry. Icon pack is not installed." Did I missed something or it's ok?

    Thanks for answering my mail message.

  7. SUB:
    Please try the latest release now and see if it solves your problem. Alternatively, you can reset your skills with alpha 33 first.