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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Release: Alpha 48

I'm pretty happy to release this one! :D

What's new
  • Inventory lists:
    • Delete items with the Delete key.
    • Clear the selection with the Escape key.
    • Navigation with the arrow keys (up/down).
  • Medkits can be assigned to quick slots.
  • Finally tracked down and caught a bug which caused a crash on startup, then I released it back to nature. This was more likely to happen on slower computers because the bug was so quick. I was unable to fix this earlier because I couldn't detect the bug's presence easily (don't get me wrong, not saying your computer is slow).
  • Fixed a bug where the integrity check on update would fail if the hash had zeroes in it. I made sure that the hash for in this release doesn't have zeros in it, to make it a bit less painful for you.


  1. Hello Steffen

    Fist to say: great job of yours, that you do what you do. :D

    I have already read some older enteries and found out that some people before had discussed the theme, but i haven't found a answer understandable for me.
    My question is how to change the attributes of a weapon you add to your inventory that this would be a very strong weapon, and just if possible what do all these numbers stand for?

    Thanks again!
    The R

  2. Hey there! Thank you very much! :) I wish I could help you. I tried looking into that again, and I just got more confused. :S

  3. im trying to get that too look like for some kind of weapon it dosnt change the stat it just change de name like Trusty Auto Rifle (Green) like ak 47 is always 7 damage whatever number you put even if you copy the number of a good auto rifle found in game i think the best would be to try to figure out a way to see the weapon it self like in game kinda like the map revealer but you can see what the weapon look like
    another thing baseball bat are freackkkkkk lol
    whatever number u put baseball bat look to have nail blade torch spike glass shock mod on it its awesome with a ripped mod on it loll u dont see the blade spining but u ear it
    here a good one not the best im sure but one of the best i made so far
    put that number in it 2596794722 sould be Blue lvl 44 condition 1000 didnt try it upgraded
    let us know if you end up with a powerfull weapon 2000 ++++ damage

  4. how do you use this, i keep getting corrupted saves. what do i do?

  5. 1st anon: Thanks for helping out :)
    2nd anon: Are you trying to edit a game-save for PC or Xbox 360? If PC, do you use Steam? If you do, please make sure to sync. :) If not, or X360, please e-mail me your game-save and tell me the steps to reproduce the problem. :) Thanks!

  6. i using PC, and steam. i found out it wasn't syncing with steam. i restarted steam, and this time it synced. it took about 5 mins to sync but it works great thanks.

  7. It's usually fast. Steam probably had some connectivity issues. I'm glad it works. :)