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Monday, December 5, 2011

Release: Alpha 37

Those who don't have Steam installed may find this release less annoying. For everyone else, there's nothing new this time. :)

By the way, feedback on the Xbox 360 support would be much appreciated, perhaps even some game-saves I can do some testing with. It's still experimental, even if my own tests indicate that it works (more or less, though with a few quirts which may or may not be DISE's fault). :)

What's new
  • Improved handling of Steam not being installed.


  1. Hey, just curious - have you figured out the relationship of the "Attributes" field to the weapon's stats - besides the obvious (incrementing it by 8 increases or decreases the attributes by one level, based on the current rarity of the item)? I mean, the Gabriel's Sledgehammer you get as a quest reward, for instance, has a basic attribute number (at level 1) of 1738334220, and at level 50 of 1738334612 - but a Gabriel's Sledgehammer created through DISE (just like any other item) has a basic attribute number of 8 (at level 1) and 404 (at level 50) but they appear to have exactly the same stats.

    In addition, these stats are shared by any level-50 two-handed blunt weapon (save for handling) and the "force" value is halved but other stats save handling remain the same for any one-handed blunt weapon.

    Is the current system of Attribute scoring thusly a stopgap put in place to create weapons with sensical, but not necessarily "correct", stats? It looks like a weapon's innate properties modify the basic stats assigned by the "attributes" column...

    Looking for feedback if you've got it!

  2. How can I get the legendary gabriel sledgehammer anonymous? I lost mine from the quest... please help! I'm level 60

  3. As far as I can tell, named "Legendary" rank weapons probably use a different attribute ID-set than regular ol' "Legendary" (Orange) weapons. You can get /a/ Gabriel's Sledgehammer using DISE, but be aware that it will have the same stats as the "default" two-handed blunt weapon category for that level. It will not have the proper stats you'd expect of Gabriel's Sledgehammer.

    If you still want to get it, then - open up your save, go to the "Inventory" tab, de-select all of the boxes under the "categories (add)" section except for "Melee", browse through the bottommost listings until you see Gabriel's Sledgehammer, click on it, change "color" to "Orange", change "Req. Level" to 60, click once inside of either your character inventory (if you have a free slot) or Jin's Storage, and then double-click Gabriel's Sledgehammer.

    A level 60 "Legendary"-quality Gabriel's will then be in whichever inventory you picked. It will, again, have somewhat-borked stats. If you lost the Gabriel's from the quest, I would recommend you go online and join a game with someone who hasn't completed that quest yet, which will allow you to complete it again and get a brand-new Gabriel's Sledgehammer leveled to you.

  4. I would also love to see the attributes decoded.
    Regarding handling, it appears this is based on both the stamina usage as well as the swing speed of the weapon (see DI\Data0.pak\Data\Inventory_Gen.scr).

    Another request: where some weapons apparently have multiple versions that have the same in-game name (e.g. Auto Rifle and Baseball Bat), it would be useful to show the internal name as well to differentiate between them.


  5. I now see you can change the naming from preferences menu so ignore that.

  6. Hi! I'm sorry for the late replies (I wrote a post about it).
    The attributes are definitely on my list. Actually, while debugging the game, I have seen something about swing speed, around the area where it does something with the attributes. Maybe you're not far off. :)

  7. it is working for 1.3?
    i have prophet version updated.

  8. I suggest giving it a try to be certain. It's my intention at least, and I do my testing with the 1.3.0 update. :)

  9. when i open dead it say damaged ???

  10. I suggest e-mailing me with your game-save attached. :) Thank you!

  11. what do the attributes do? if i type in the highest number it doesnt increase the damage for me. and how do you increase the damage?

    1. Hello,

      Please see this:

      The "attributes" are mostly random and only slightly change the stats.