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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Advertisement(s) (update)

Okay, please don't freak out because of the ads. I don't like this either. Popups and everything. Nasty! Please hold on while I fix it!
Also, does my blog load horribly slow now? (after adding the ads)

Changed my mind. Had a bad feeling about those anyway. Ad-free again for now. (yay, I don't love ads either)

You probably noticed it by now. Yes, it's up there! Is it cool or not?

I don't want to annoy you with advertisements, so I try not to. Maybe it's better to keep it on the right side, tucked away. Ah, but then I earn nothing. :(

At least there's one good thing: I don't like coffee but I'll drink it for the money I earn from advertisements, so that I can keep working. :D

I'm using adBrite, in case you were interested. :)

Er.. I just learned that I can't use adBrite with a free blog... Must think of something...


  1. I don't know if it'd help, but you could start making links for the downloads ;].

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I personally think that cloaked links look fishy, so I am always alert when I see them. :D

  3. But I guess I could have two links! Yeah, good idea! One link for the ones who want to support me and one for those who don't. :D

  4. Google/AdSense is too strict and you're likely to have your account closed before you receive your payment. :(

  5. I've gotten payments from Google before and it worked fine for me

  6. I'm glad you did. Mine got closed before and there's zero chance for me ever again with that account. It's like Google knows best and you have nothing to say about their decision. :S If you suddenly have high traffic, don't be surprised if Google decides to close the account.. Or if someone clicks on your links just for fun (to close your account). :S