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Friday, October 28, 2011

Release: Alpha 21

I've been working on retaining user preferences for this release, but I have also been struggling a lot with canceling syncing (bugs in wxWidgets or its documentation, mulithreading + race conditons, etc). Maybe that technical stuff isn't very exciting.

Anyway, I'm having some trouble with a decision, and you'll be able to help me! Do you think that your selections for the inventory categories should be saved and restored after restarting the editor, or should it be reset (to All)?

Thanks for your vote! :D

Retain or reset?


What's new?
  • Implemented user preferences.
  • Steam Cloud sync confirmation box when saving.
  • Steam Cloud syncing is now enabled by default (but you must confirm, at least once).
  • Fixed the sync process hanging when trying to cancel it, which caused Steam to tell you to close the game when closing Steam.
  • Some other UI changes/improvements.


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