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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Release: Alpha 7

I planned to complete more features in this version, but since it shouldn't be completely bugged, I'll just release it now and finish the other things in alpha 8! After all, I wanted to release early. :)

Please note that Jin's inventory, quick slots and item categories have no function yet!

What's new?
  • Option to change your health.
  • Change character level directly.
  • See how much XP you need to level up.
  • All items in the inventory should now be displayed a bit more properly and you can edit them all (including modded weapons). Thanks to Peter, who confirmed that one set of items were actually Jin's inventory (items had the number "1" before, in your inventory), they will be in a separate list in the next version (for now, just removed from your own inventory).
  • Your level is now calculated from your XP in the editor (mostly just visual).
  • New items' condition is set to 1000 (so that they are not initially broken). I haven't tested this much yet, but it seemed to do something. :D
After some testing, I learned that I couldn't level-down from a high level to a low level (49 down to 10). It stopped at level 41. It would be interesting to figure out if there's anything that can be done about this. :)



  1. Saves are not loaded after adding an item :/ ?

  2. Hi! I suggest e-mailing me (please attach your original save and tell me which item(s) to add). Thanks!

  3. Hi Steffen. Is there any possibility to add mods to inventory? I need "molotov" mod, and I cannot get it because I cannot go back to hotel server room (my saves are corrupted and I use someone's else's saves, and that guy didn't found this mod). Thanks

  4. Hi, Nick!

    It should possible with some time to figure out that bit. I wanted to figure it out as well, so I'll give it another a try. :)

    If your save(s) are corrupted, maybe my tutorial on fixing saves could help?

  5. >>If your save(s) are corrupted, maybe my tutorial on fixing saves could help?

    No, it doesn's. My saves are so much corrupted, that even your Editor crushes when I try to edit and save them. LOL
    Anyway, I've already completed 61% of game, so it's not vital to restore my old saves. The only thing missing is that "Molotov" mod (and maybe my old katana with 650 and wakizashi with 850 damage - but I still hope that I'll find suchlike weapon later in game).

  6. Maybe you could send your corrupted save to me, and I'll look at it. Maybe I can even extract your mods from it so you can copy it to your new save.

    I have figured out where the mods and other collectibles are stored in the save file (just today), so I'll try to make room in the editor for those as well in the near future (but they are just numbers, and I have no names/text to relate them with, so it takes some time to figure out which item has which number). :)

  7. Nick, I found the ID for Molotov Blueprint just a few seconds ago, and I can inject it (manually) into your save file if you're interested. :)

  8. Yes, of course :)
    How can I email the save file to you?

  9. Please find it on the Support/Contact page. :)

  10. Thank you very much, Steffen!!! Everything works fine!

  11. Hey Steffen,
    There is an alternet save game editor, im sure you know about, which has the ability to edit the weapons damage and details in more specifics.

    Will we see any functionality such as this in your version? I quite like your editor alot more then the other guys. Would be nice to one up them on this specific feature and yours already blows theirs out of the water. =)

    Thanks mate,

  12. I made it to the Prison Island and quit for the night, the next day I added some ammo and restarted but it put me back in the jungle instead. Now I have no way to get back to the prison for chapter 16. How about adding spawn location editing?

  13. I agree! :) I should have more time for planning new features after the next release. :)

  14. New release, when? ;)

    I'm back to playing MW3 until I can fix my broken DI save but whenever you can get to it.

    If you could tell me what to manually edit, I suppose I could try that I just don't know what the spawn location should be. Is there a wiki that gives the various options?

  15. FYI:
    My current character position is "auto_SP_015_pos" I tried changing it to 16 but that isn't it either. Any ideas or a link to the various options?

  16. Please e-mail me. Thanks. :)