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Monday, October 10, 2011

Release: Alpha 12

I tried to research how weapon level/damage/force/etc. works, but I haven't completely figured it out yet (I think). You can experiment with the values, and you'll get the result you want eventually. Somehow, it appears like damage and force is controlled by the same value, which again controls the weapon's level, prefix (Flimsy, Crippled, etc) and value). Durability and handling also appears to be controlled by the same value. Higher value is not always better (it's kind of random), even if the level will get higher eventually when you increase the value for damage/force. Maybe I need to have another look at it. Anyway, I also learned that by playing with the values, it's possible to make the condition indicator disappear. Maybe it means that the weapon can be made unbreakable this way, but I haven't tested it. :)

Oh yes, and you can change your character type/class now, but I will consider it experimental for now, because I am not sure if there are any character-specific values that should be changed (apart from the skill tree.) :)

One last thing: The inventory lists are a bit crazy, but you should be okay if the first item you select is one of the items you want to do something with (change something).

What's new
  • Change weapon level/damage/force and durability/handling (sorry, it's really not good, but hey, it kind of works with some fiddling).
  • Change your character type/class.
  • Small changes here and there. I hope I didn't make things worse!



  1. Could you make it possible to add weapon mods to your inventory? (Like the ripper mod, which would be really cool)

  2. Hello! Certainly! I have been thinking about how I should implement it efficiently, so it has taken some time, even if I have all the info I need to make it. :)