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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Release: Alpha 14

Well, this is rather embarrassing... It's about the game-save "fixing" feature. All my testing prior to release showed that it worked fine. Then I learned that it didn't, and it was my fault as well (nothing appeared to happen in the editor). Well, I have now changed "return false" to "return true" in my code, and voilà! A brand new release!

I have conveniently "disabled" the auto-update popup (it still connects to the internet to check for updates) until there's something new and cool in the editor, because I'm too embarrassed to let you go through the download/manual update process too often.

I'm in the process of ordering a domain name and web hosting, so that I can provide a better updating process. :)

If you don't mind too much, I would like to put up an advertisement on the blog, to help finance that.

What's new?
  • "Fixing" game-saves actually does what it's supposed to do now.



  1. I wouldn't mind if there was advertisement on the blog ;].

  2. Go for it with the ads, heck, even add one to the editor itself.

    What I would really recommend is you make a paypal account :-)

  3. Thanks a lot! Nice to know that not everyone is completely against it! :D

  4. Please add a textbox for base class. There is a interesting connecting between damage and base class.

    check this out:

    name: Melee_WakizashiGen
    mod name: None
    unknown0: 48532
    unknown1: 88
    count/bullets: 1
    durability: 39479
    base class: 17115
    uprade level: 3

  5. I'll have a look at that! Thanks! :)

  6. I made a database of 50 weapons. If you supply textboxes with all parameters(unknown0 unknown1, durability and baseclass), i will able to add more weapons in it. I used a mod to collect over 150 colored weapons, but i am not able to add them in my database because Shykes editor doesn't load my savegame.
    Are you interested to connect your editor with my database?

  7. Please e-mail me to talk about your idea. :) I plan to release alpha 15 shortly, and I'll then be able to do more research on the information you gave me. :) Thanks!