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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preview: Alpha 17 (rescues your quest progress)

I'm working on a nice feature for this release, mainly recovering your quest progress instead of replacing it all with a fresh one or copy it from another game-save. Of course, only the salvageable data can be retrieved, so you will still lose quests, just not everything! :) Exactly how much depends on how much is actually in the file.


  1. It would seem edited a save results in a corruption.. I think becuase dead island now does a CRC, MD5, SHA-1 check on the save games.

  2. DISE crashes when I try to open my save, it's not done this before and I've used it with the new patch and it's worked fine, any ideas?

  3. adzty: Interesting! That would be worth investigating! It would be nice if you could e-mail me to talk about this, but I will investigate it on my own as well. I can see Steam downloading something big for my game now! :)

    BackhandARabbi: It would be nice if you could e-mail me with the details. :)