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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preview: Alpha 8 (update)

Just wanted to show a preview of the upcoming alpha 8 before I allow myself some rest. :)

Update: I've spent too much time on a silly problem, but I finally got it. :)


  1. (Thought I would repost as i put this on an old thread)
    Hey Steffen,
    There is an alternet save game editor, im sure you know about, which has the ability to edit the weapons damage and details in more specifics.

    Will we see any functionality such as this in your version? I quite like your editor alot more then the other guys. Would be nice to one up them on this specific feature and yours already blows theirs out of the water. =)

    Thanks mate,

  2. Thank you! I'm happy you like my editor! I will definitely make efforts to implement it in my own editor, as well as other things people suggest! :D

  3. Thanks mate appreciate it! =)