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Friday, October 21, 2011

Release: Alpha 17

Some fixes and some new things! I think what you'll find interesting is the recovery feature this time, since it's a little better. All of your (salvageable) quest progress will be recovered. It doesn't check the quest tree and try to recreate earlier quests you have completed. I am not sure if it's needed either, but I still think that it would be ideal to do it somehow.

While working on this release, I learned that the new update (1.3.0) has increased the character level cap to 60 as well as added new collectible items/weapon mods. I'll try to add those (collectibles) in the next release.

I have done some testing preior to release, and would like to do some more, but I really wanted to release before resting (and it has been a long day, night and morning now).
( -_-)zzZZ

As always, please let me know if you experience trouble with the editor. :)

What's new?
  • Recovers your quest progress (at least what's possible to recover).
  • A bunch of internal changes
  • Fixed a bug where the mods/collectibles didn't get cleared when loading a new game-save
  • Added Windows UAC shield icon to "Update Now" button
  • Fixed a couple memory leaks related to auto-update
  • Fixed unknown items not appearing in the inventory
  • Added more items
  • Updated characters' level/XP in accordance with the new game update (1.3.0)
  • Improved some compatibility with 3rd party mods and future updates (collectible items/weapon mods and character level/XP). Please note that my editor was mainly made to work with a vanilla copy of the game, but I do plan to improve it
  • Added "Clear selection" to the context menu for inventories
  • Spin controls updates value (item quantity, cash, ammo, etc) immediately when clicking the arrows
  • Minor UI improvement


  1. it keeps asking for a save

  2. Really? :O
    Then I will have a look at that. I must have missed something really simple. Sorry!

  3. This release works wonders for me.
    You just have to remember to turn off Steam before tampering with saves as a rule of a thumb.
    I managed to create a new character and made him lvl 49 gave him all mod recipes and other stuff. Everytthing went smooth and savegame did not appear broken.

    Things i Would love to see in following releases:
    - monitoring and editing Challenges progress
    - editing quest progress
    - maybe an option to reveal map?

  4. XZasCC: I'm sorry but I fail to reproduce the issue you seem to have. Could you please e-mail me with the details and perhaps attach your game-save? Thanks!

  5. Curry: Thanks for your suggestions and thanks for letting me know that it works well for you! :D

    I have a solution now for the "corrupted" game-saves, and you will not need to close Steam. I have been experimenting with sync'ing files and it appears to work well! :) I'll post a video to show a proof of concept. :)

    Of course, I will implement it in my editor!

    One of my original plans were to create a quest progress editor, but it proved to be more complicated (for me and you). There are just numbers associated with the quests (in file), and there are a lot of quests.

    I'm also interested in the challenges now, since to be honest, I wasn't even sure what it was (I have barely played the game).

    I have no idea about the map at the moment, but it's worth investigating! :D

    Such suggestions are more than welcome! Thank you! :D

  6. Challenges are like Achievements, except they are ingame only and in no way interact with Steam. Most of the Challenges are repeatable and net you XP bonuses on completion. You can chek your Challenges progress in EXTRAS - CHALLENGES.
    I assume Challenges progress is stored in as it is the same for any of your characters.

  7. whats your email?

  8. when i open the save file either by file-open or dragging,(opens in alpha 16) it says "not sure what happened here, but perhaps you could share your save with me so that my brain could work a little overtime? (dont worry, its good for me) :D"

  9. Please look at the top of this page, on the right side, then click on the mail icon. :)
    Please attach your game-save so that I can have a look at it. :)

  10. Steffen, your tool is fantastic, with it I got to "save" my saves with no problem, thanks.

    Something I still did not understand is how to set levels, colors and prefixes for weapons. Is there any tutorial or something that I could use to learn how to do this?

    Hope you can help.

  11. Thank you very much, Daniel!

    Actually, that's not something I am completely understanding either at the moment. I will however dedicate some time to try and understand it a bit more, after the next release. At least what I can tell you right now is that you can take those values from certain items and get similar effects when applying the same values to other items. The item's base parameters will change, but the color and perhaps other things may be the same.

    Since I haven't done enough research on this, that's all I can say for now. Good luck! :D