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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Release: Alpha 15

Finally! Lots of trouble on the way, but efforts usually pays off eventually. It just takes some time. :)

Please let me know how you like the way I implemented quick slots. :) Ah.. I just noticed that it says "MyLabel" in there. Oh well, it's no biggie. :)

The update process is still not what I intend it to be in the end, but it's an improvement (for now).
My new domain name and web hosting is also up and running.
I'll eventually remove support for the old update method, but older versions should still find updates for a little while longer (just want to give people a chance to update).

What's new?
  • Improved typing numbers into spin controls (cash, ammo, etc)
  • Quick slots are implemented
  • Clone items in inventories (hold Ctrl while dragging and dropping) (only one item at a time for now, and no reordering of items yet)
  • Improved updating process

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