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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Release: Alpha 13

I'm releasing this one because someone had troubles with a game-save loading in the editor.

Sorry for any inconvenience, since this update probably may not do anything new for most people.

Since the 1.2.1 patch is out for the game, I'll get my hands on it and do some research on new game-saves so that I can support those properly (if not already supported).

Oh yes, I also forgot to mention why it's possible to select Ryder when changing the character/type class. I didn't read any official statement regarding Ryder, but from what I found in the game's data files, it appears like Ryder will be available in DLC1.

What's new?
  • Not much but more game-saves should load now if they have the same (unknown) information as the other game-save had. :)


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